What is USG? Global Company with headquarters in Australia. Supplying Australian certified Solar components and accessories in the Oceania and Asia-Pacific.– Director's Desk

What can we offer you?

High Module Conversion Efficiency

Module efficiency up to 16.9% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.

Self-cleaning & Anti-reflective

Higher module efficiency from anti-reflective, hydrophobic layer with higher light absorption and minimal surface dust.

Easy Installation

Low weight, convenient format Horizontal and vertical installation possible Optimal utilisation of the roof surface.

4 Busbars Solar Cell

Superior cell technology with 4 busbars for improve module efficiency.

Independently Certified

Independently certified by international certification bodies.

High Performance

High performance even under low light and cloudy conditions.

Our Project


Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System


Euro Solar has installed 120 of 200 Watt USP Mono Solar panels for a Wholesale food distributor Patel Trading in Blacktown NSW. These solar have a peak efficiency ranging from 2.9 to 3.9 kWh/kW and whose live performance can be seen at SolarMan.

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Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System - 100KW

Hunter Valley

Universal Solar Group was selected to supply 250 Watt USP Poly series module to create a 100kW solar array for Green Planet Pty. Ltd. The project was funded by the Australian Government Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program.

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Installed 7KW @ Coonamble with Zever?


Universal Solar Group has installed 7KW system using 50 Watt USP Poly series module in Coonamble with zever inverter and 250 Watt USP Poly series module to create a 7kW solar array for Coonamble. Ltd.

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