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About Us

Our comapny vision

Universal Solar Group

The aggressive use of fossil fuel and rapid development of the world economy has a direct impact on the carbon footprint and climate change. Neglecting these serious consequences such as the melting of ice caps and worsening pollution will subsequently lead to a drastic collapse of the ecosystem.

The most economical and reliable solution present to our society is solar as it can immediately reduce your electricity bill while enjoying energy independence from rising energy costs.

Universal Solar Group is committed to providing economical energy solutions. Our dedication is to produce top quality and high-performance products confirmed through extensive third-party testing.

Business Operation

Universal Solar Group Operations

Universal Solar Group religiously follows a closed loop operation cycle. In-house quality tests help us to achieve reliability certificates from TUV and IEC which helps us to provide 25 year performance warranty assurance to our clients. This has a direct impact on the on-going customer support consequence of which we can further strive to achieve higher module efficiency through research and development.

Universal Solar Group is an international recognised PV manufacturing company with headquarters located in Australia. Following the launch of solar panels in the year 2013, Universal Solar Group went on to expand the product basket within a short time frame due to high appreciation from vendors and end customers.

"Our commitment is responsible manufacturing & Our vision is to become the leading solar components supplier in the Oceania and Asia-Pacific by the year 2016."