USG 6P-60

USG 6P-60 Series

Polycrystalline panels are made up from the silicon offcuts, moulded to form blocks and create a cell made up of several bits of pure crystal. Because the individual crystals are not necessarily all perfectly aligned together and there are losses at the joints between them, they are not quite as efficient. However, this mis-alignment can help in some circumstances, because the cells work better from light at all angles, in low light, etc.

The appearance is also different – you can see the random crystal arrangement and the panels look a little bluer as they reflect some of the light.

Since they are cut into rectangular blocks, there is very little wasted space on the panel and you do not see the little diamonds that are typical of mono or hybrid panels. Some people prefer this more uniform appearance, others like the diamonds. The choice is yours because the overall size and cost is very similar to monocrystalline.


    • High light transmission giving more electricity
    • Excellent mechanical loading performance (5400Pascal)
    • SPF-UL certified

  • High light transmission assuring better power performance
  • High GEL and peeling strength guaranting strong encapsulation
  • Good ultraviolet aging resistance
  • TUV/UL certified

  • TEDLAR based encapsulation and protection
  • Good aging resistance guaranting strong durability performance
  • Excellent adhesion and ultraviolet stability
  • TUV certified

  • Anodized/Electrophoretic aluminum means durable protection from environment
  • Unique designed profile ensuring strong mechanical loading performance
  • Silver/Black color available

  • Excellent efficiency and long term reliability
  • Good performance under high temperature and low irradiance conditions
  • 100% In-Line Electroluminescence(EL) tested
  • Power tolerance for each panel TUV/UL

  • Reliable by-pass diodes assuring good product protection
  • Locking connector working compatible worldwide
  • Excellent heat emission performance
  • Improved gel-potted design ensuring IP67 protection
  • TUV/UL certified